Friday, July 3, 2015

Welcome to My Pen.
 In this place and space, I hope we will connect.

 This blog is grateful to close friends who suggested that I should have a blog of my own. Without them I would not have made progress down (or up) this path.

 This blog is also grateful to my husband for making sure I always have the latest model of the iPhone as most of my writings are penned in the notes of my phone while in the midst of other things. Also for being a good critic, sometimes laughing, smirking or looking quizzically at what I've written or sometimes shaking his head and telling me that my punctuations really need work.

 Sitting down to write or writing on the go as we sometimes do, is like foraging through the corridors of our brain and heart with a flashlight. You find forgotten items, things you never knew you had and stuff that the tooth fairy left  under the pillow. In short, writing is a process of self discovery. A process of revealing oneself to oneself.

 I enjoy those moments of childlike wonder at finding that long forgotten toy in my toy chest. Smiling at what I've written because I didn't know it existed somewhere in the deep recesses of my consciousness. Writing is a confluence of thoughts, emotions, rationalization and words. It is a process that goes on whether you're writing or not. So, I will be ready to grab My Pen.


  1. You are so right. Sometimes as we type away we feel such a release and such joy. Writing truly is self discovery.

    1. Yes joy and a habit too! Thanks for leaving your comment Seena. Glad to connect :)