Sunday, November 15, 2015

Night awakening

There is always something exciting about being awake when no one else is. I always felt that even as a young girl studying for my 10th grade exams back home. I looked forward to staying up and studying to the tunes of three favorite radio shows which aired old songs. Sometimes my friend and I would set up a phone date in the middle of the night and exchange notes about the study material we planned to but didn't cover in the last three hours.

Today I felt the same way as I woke up early to go downstairs to get a cup of warm honey water for my scratchy throat. Night reveals to you what otherwise may not be revealed. The first thought I had while stepping on the first stair was whether toys would be up and playing and if they would mind my trespassing on them at this unexpected hour of the night.This was a completely unexpected thought and I was quite taken aback to think it. (And I thought it was my mind)

Who knew Enid Blyton would make such a permanent home in my mind that so many years later I would remember that toys in the nursery come alive at night and have their very own life. In the morning they go back to being toys and allow those chubby little hands to feed them, wash them, bathe them, hug them, smother them with kisses, pinch them, throw them around, sit on them and generally treat them like toys.

So I crept down quietly not wanting to disturb anyone. Fortunately no one was up. I put a cup of water in the microwave and glanced out of the playroom window. The slightly overgrown branch of the tree was swaying in the breeze sprinkling tiny shiny drops of water on the soggy soil beneath. The street was quiet enjoying its peace, soaking in the night. Everything was just the way it should be - perfect. And my world inside became perfect too. I came upstairs and drank my warm honey water as Matt Damon stared at me pensively from the cover of The Martian. Soon traffic noises will start, the school bus will come, office goers will hustle on the roads. The world will be on its way. And I will wake up tomorrow night to see if the toys are awake.

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