Friday, April 1, 2016

Story Behind the Story

If I was happy with the response to my first blog on the Huffington Post, the same for the second one took my breath away. The post received 450 likes and a whopping 58 shares. So glad to reach you all :) And so honored!! Please check out the link to the blog below.

Huffington Post tweaked the name that I had suggested slightly as they have a policy of making the title as explicit and as simple as possible. They also had to edit about 200 extra words in my blog, so I was disappointed to see a couple of favorite lines go. But everything important has been kept intact, even as I put them in the cumbersome position of having to shave off a few words from an already tight blog.

See the link to blog on Huff Post below:

The Price of an NRI's 'Privilege'