Thursday, September 8, 2016

Early Fall

Early fall
Signs are everywhere
The little bunch of yellow leaves
In the green tree
When did this plant become red
Was it always red
Or did it do so overnight
Looking at the wall of trees
At the far end of the backyard
Flashes of red and vines of yellow
This is the time when the vines show themselves
Blending in all summer
In the fabric of green
The tight knit that holds the nests
Now comes loose
Early fall, the slight chill
Not enough to reach for jackets
Still warm, still beautiful
More so than summer itself
For now we're spared from the scathing heat
Air turned fresh and clean
And without warning the afternoon turns into hot blazing summer
Yet fall is here as the cool, starry night reveals
Winter will come
But it's not here yet
When the grounds will freeze
And everything will be still
No signs of life
In the trees, on the roads
People hustling to get home to the fire
The biting winds
The dry twigs
The plants all dead
The grass buried
The seeds buried
Under the snow, under the ground
It will be harsh
And unforgiving
It will be relentless
Until it kills
Every piece of green
Until all that's visible is white
White snow, white hair
The white of winter
Then buries it
And sounds its bugles
And marches the victory march
When there will be nothing
But it's not here yet
It's early fall
The signs are everywhere
It's red, green, orange and yellow
It's fragrant and crisp
It's warm and fresh
It's beautiful

The early fall of life


  1. Lovely Urvashi. Very colouful... realy painted a picture of fall and winter.

    1. Thank you Meenal :) yes living in this part of the world, we are constantly experiencing four distinct seasons, each of them very beautiful! Very much like the seasons of life.

  2. Lovely Urvashi. Very colouful... realy painted a picture of fall and winter.